Recent Photos (2012)
Recent Photos
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10/7/12 Bronx and Brooklyn, NY
(Bronx and Brooklyn Christmas Counts)
10/27/12 Sandy Hook, NJ, Nashville TN,
Pymatuning Lake, OH,
Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, FL
9/15/12 Waukesha and Columbia County, WI
8/29/201 Monhegan Island and Merepoint, ME
8/4/2012 Croton Point, NY
7/21/2012 Brooklyn, NY
7/13/2012 Pymatuning Reservoir, PA
7/12/2012 Pymatuning Reservoir, PA
7/9/2012 Pymatuning Reservoir, PA
6/23/2012 Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Ward Pound Ridge, NY
6/3/2012 Brooklyn, NY And Taghkanic, NY
5/26/2012 Brooklyn, NY
3/3/2012 Fort Myers, FL and Surrounding Areas
1/2/2012 Around New York
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